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Questalot: FREE AT LAST!
Hoshii: YAY!

Andrew: So, how did you get them to let us go?
Strawapple: I'll explain later. Bye.

Andrew: Where did...
Hoshii: Strawapples do that sometimes...
Strawapple: *POOF*

Andrew: Great, now there's magical fruit...

Hoshii: Hey, there's our stuff!
Andrew: Hoshii, how do you carry all of that?
Hoshii: Pockets.
Andrew: ...

Questalot: Ah, my sword!

Hoshii: Okay, done!
Andrew: ...

Hoshii: So, what did that fruit guy want us to do?
Andrew: Look for more of those weird doors.

Questalot: We should find somewhere to rest.
Andrew: Yeah...

Andrew: I still don't know how you carry all that treasure...