Smells Like Tuesday - The comic!

The Beginning

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beginning He doesn't have elbows for the first six panels. Wierd.

Man: Ugh.... Where am I?
Man: Actually... WHO am I?

Man: Better look around...

*Enemy-ish thing appears*
Man: Whoa. That doesn't look too friendly...


Man: Hmm... *looks at large branch*

Man: *Hits enemy with branch*

*Enemy disappears*

Man: Well, that was easy.
Man: I have no idea what that was though...

Man: Yes! Some kind of path. Hopefully I'll find someone who can help me.



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Man: This path is pretty long... This looks like a nice place but I don't recognise anything...
Man: I wonder how I got here...

Man: Not again...

Man: What did I just do?
Man: Magic?

Man: So I'm... some kind of wizard? This doesn't seem real.
Man: It's like some kind of game.

Man: Looks like a town over there. Maybe somebody can explain what's going on here.

Man: Hello?
Steve: Oh, hi. You don't look like you're from here. Are you visiting?

Man: Kind of. I'm a bit lost really.
Steve: Ah, I see. This knight came here earlier. He's currently trying to help some people over there. Maybe he can help?

Andrew: I guess I could ask him...



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quest Well, they're going to be busy for a while...

Knight: You are safe! I have defeated the foul beasts!
"Rescued" citizen: They were only rats...
Knight: Yes, but they were HUGE!

Man: Hello!

Knight: Greetings! Do you need the help of a skilled knight? Foul beasts? Lost treasure? ... No quest is too great for me!

Man: (This guy is... interesting) Well, I've lost my memory and...
Knight: Ah, you wish me to help you find out about your past? That would certainly be an interesting quest...

Man: You can help?
Knight: Well, actually I'm a little busy right now as I promised to help the town with everything listed on their notice board. If you could help me I might be able to help you...

(Looking at notice board)
Man: *sigh*
Knight: Oh, and my name is Sir Questalot!
Man: That's an... odd name...
Questalot: It perfectly describes me!



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Man: We'd better get started then.
Questalot: Wait, what is your name?
Man: I don't know...
Questalot: Hmm... how about... Andrew?
Man: I guess...
Questalot: Okay, time to save the people of this town!

Andrew: Picking mushrooms isn't very... heroic...

(Being chased by a giant mushroom)

Andrew?: Great, MORE rats...

Cat in tree: Meow...
Andrew: Seriously? *sigh*

(Much MUCH later...)
Andrew: Who knew such a small town could have so many problems...
Questalot: I heard something has happened to a nearby town. We should help!
Andrew: But...



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Questalot: Finally! We have arrived!
Andrew: yawn It's pretty late... We should find somewhere to rest.

(The next day...)
Andrew: Ugh, this place was overpriced... Wait... I was sure I left our gold over there...
Questalot: MY SWORD!

Questalot: Some fiend has stolen my other sword!
Andrew: You had two?
Questalot: It was a spare! I hadn't even used it!

Innkeeper: Your stuff get stolen? Happening to everyone right now. No refunds.
Andrew: So that's the problem here...
Questalot: We are here to help!
Innkeeper: Right, check that poster...

(Wanted poster on wall)
(Large question mark)
Whoever is stealing all of our stuff
Reward: 100 gold
200 (Written underneath)
500 (Written underneath)
anything we still have (Note stuck on bottom of poster)

Andrew: It's not very... descriptive...
Innkeeper: We don't know anything about him! Strangely, he left most of the priceless artefacts in the museum alone...



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thief Nobody thought to look in the caves.

Andrew: It looks like that thief we're looking for is hiding in that cave...

Thief: Hey, what are you doing in MY ca... uuh... SECRET HIDEOUT?
(The thief is sitting on a small pile of various treasures)

Questalot: We are on a quest to save the nearby town from the evil thief who has stolen most of their valuable items!
Thief: Really? Me? Evil?

Andrew: She... doesn't look like a master thief... What's with the pointy ears anyway?
Thief: HEY! Have you never seen an elf before?

Andrew: I... don't know...
Questalot: Hand over the stolen goods! We're taking them back!
Thief: I... can't let you... do that...

(A short fight later...)
Thief: Ow... I couldn't help stealing those things. They were so... shiny...
Andrew: Hmm...

Questalot: This doesn't seem right... Maybe we should just let her go...

Andrew: We shou....
Andrew: This isn't good.


A Convincing Excuse

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convincing Questalot was not expecting to protect a thief today.

Andrew: Hey, we met you at the inn, right?
Innkeeper: We're here for the treasure... and the thief!

Andrew: Well, the stolen items are over there. The thief... uuh... doesn't seem to be here right now.
Questalot: Andrew, she...
Andrew: Ssssh

Man: Who's that then?
Thief: Hi! I'm... umm... Hoshii!
Andrew: She was... exploring and... got caught in a trap.

Man: Well, we'll be taking this back to town. Look out for that thief though. He can't be far...

Andrew: You should leave. Try to stay out of trouble.
Hoshii: Thank you...



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followed He would've refused if she hadn't given the sword back. Questalot likes that sword.

Andrew: That worked supprisingly well... That whole situation was... unexpected...
Questalot: She wasn't who I was expecting at all. I thought it would be some master criminal... not just a regular person with a love of shiny things...

Andrew: I think we did the right thing. Those people back at the town were pretty angry.
Questalot: I suppose... So long as she stays out of trouble... Strange, I feel like we're being followed...

Andrew: Does that bush look... suspicious... to you?

Hoshii: *gets out of bush* Umm... Hi!
Andrew: Hoshii? Why are you here?

Hoshii: I wanted to give you this.
Questalot: My other sword! Thank you for returning it!

Hoshii: Also I... want to come with you...
Andrew: Huh?

Hoshii: I heard that you were going to try to help Andrew remember his past and... you really helped me back there... I owe you guys a lot...
Andrew: I guess... it will keep you out of trouble.
Questalot: I'm not sure... but you seem like you want to help...



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camp He should be more careful...

Hoshii: Hey, guys?
Andrew: Yeah?
Hoshii: Where are we going?

Andrew: Uhh... good question...

Andrew: Why am I in charge anyway? I don't remember anything about this place.

Andrew: I guess we should make camp here...
Questalot: I will collect some firewood!

Hoshii: Well, he's a helpful person.
Andrew: Sometimes, TOO helpful...

Hoshii: So, his name is Questalot?
Andrew: Yeah, I know.

Questalot: *Returns with wood* Now we just need to light it.
Hoshii: Maybe you could use magic?
Andrew: I guess I can try...

Fire: *FWOOSH*
Hoshii: AAAAAAA!

Andrew: Hoshii?
Andrew: Sorry...



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Hoshii: Hey, what's Questalot doing?
Questalot: Standing guard! You never know when we might get attacked!

Hoshii: Andrew?
Andrew: Yeah?
Hoshii: You really don't remember anything?
Andrew: No, not even my name...

Andrew: Everything seems really weird, almost not real... And I can do all this magic stuff...

Hoshii: And you're really good at nearly setting your new friends on fire...
Andrew: ... So, you're an elf?
Hoshii: Yes, I am...

Andrew: Apart from the pointy ears, how are we different? You look really similar...
Hoshii: ...

Hoshii: Well, in case you hadn't noticed: I'm a GIRL.
Andrew: That's not...
Hoshii: I know, but I'm not sure myself.

Andrew: ... ... ...
Hoshii: Wow, look at the stars!

Andrew: They're pretty impressive.
Hoshii: shiny...
Andrew: *sigh*