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It's site update time again. This time it's entirely new! (I've been working on this for a while and it's one of the reasons everything is a bit outdated...)


  • Moved from daftgames.net to daft.games.
  • Home page is merged with the old games page.
  • Login is based on email addresses instead of usernames. If you had an account you should have received an email to the address you signed up with as a reminder.


Known issues:

  • The games from the old site sometimes forget that you're signed in, going back to the menu and refreshing usually fixes it. (This is actually multiple bugs...)
  • Some notifications display as "Updates".
  • Notification emails don't include content.

Hopefully this means that there's going to be more content now...

* still not renamed.


    What happened to Babble?

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    If you're wondering why what was "Babble" is now a bunch of ?s, it's because the app was removed from Google Play for "alleged trademark infringement". Also, I'm bad at naming things...



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      A new section for the new site.