"Smells like Tuesday" was my attempt to create a 3D RPG from scratch from ~2008-2015. (With help on any of the artwork that isn't a cube...). I probably should've picked a smaller first project.

It still sort-of gets updates as a lot of the code is shared with other games. Also the avatar generator on this site is using artwork from the main characters.

You can see some progress in the gallery. There's also a comic based on some story ideas.

I might come back to it if I ever work out what it wants to be...

Here's some old info: (I don't remember when it's from)

The three main characters are:

  • Andrew Tuesday

    The most “normal” character (at least, he thinks that). He is completely confused by just about everything and thinks that he is in a game. Everyone else just thinks he's a bit wierd.

  • Sir Questalot

    A knight who enjoys nothing more than completing quests for people, no matter how strange. “Questalot” is probably not even his real name. Hopefully he is actually a knight.

  • Hoshii

    A thief obsessed with anything shiny. That gets her into a LOT of trouble sometimes.

Together, this strange bunch save the world from the most evil things in existence, a bunch of cubes. Well... they're evil in their world. (Or it could just be a lack of artwork for enemies. Maybe that.)

Of course, there are some other things along the way, like Andrew trying to work out why he's there, Questalot doing quests and Hoshii stealing anything that happens to be shiny...

Coming ... Whenever I finish it. Which will hopefully happen at some point.