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Questalot: Finally! We have arrived!
Andrew: yawn It's pretty late... We should find somewhere to rest.

(The next day...)
Andrew: Ugh, this place was overpriced... Wait... I was sure I left our gold over there...
Questalot: MY SWORD!

Questalot: Some fiend has stolen my other sword!
Andrew: You had two?
Questalot: It was a spare! I hadn't even used it!

Innkeeper: Your stuff get stolen? Happening to everyone right now. No refunds.
Andrew: So that's the problem here...
Questalot: We are here to help!
Innkeeper: Right, check that poster...

(Wanted poster on wall)
(Large question mark)
Whoever is stealing all of our stuff
Reward: 100 gold
200 (Written underneath)
500 (Written underneath)
anything we still have (Note stuck on bottom of poster)

Andrew: It's not very... descriptive...
Innkeeper: We don't know anything about him! Strangely, he left most of the priceless artefacts in the museum alone...

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