The First Attack

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Unsurprisingly, the latest Daft Games project is yet another game! It's a strategy game in space with aliens. That's all you need to know, right?

No? Okay, fine. I'll actually talk about it. After this video.

This video basically shows the entirety of the game right now.

  • There's terrain covered by fog (with placeholder textures)
  • With some units on it (with placeholder textures)
  • You can drive ones you own around
  • You can shoot your enemies with invisible bullets

So, this is a pretty early preview. Most of the work so far has been untangling reusable code from another game and rewriting some of the older and slightly broken code(image loading would create multiple copies of the data and scaling was extremely slow, path finding was using the completely wrong data structures).

There's a lot of stuff half-implemented right now (buildings, other units) that you can't see in that video (because it doesn't work yet). The next thing I'm working on is the UI so that you can actually interact with the units without clicking random buttons and hoping the right thing happens. (It usually doesn't)

I'll probably write some more abut the game here later. Probably.

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