Gathering resources (build 6)

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Main new feature: Resources

Buildings can now produce/consume resources and creating units has a cost. Also, more placeholder-y placeholders!

Other changes:

  • Buildings can be shapes that aren't rectangular
  • Timing fixes (there was a bug where it would time everything as taking 0ms)
  • Actually builds on Windows
  • A few optimisations (mostly graphics related)
  • Some cleanup (mostly deleting code that hasn't done anything useful in years)
  • The UI now does less pointless work
  • The options now get saved on Android
  • Also, the app doesn't crash when suspended on Android now
  • Worked around a bug on one device where the driver would crash if the Y axis of a vector was used...

Oh, and resolution scaling... Upside down world ... is almost done. (Maybe this should be "The Y axis update"?)

(The new units are still coming, really!)

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