Err... Fruit?

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... did I mention that I keep getting distracted?

Anyway, turns out that stuff gets a bit broken/outdated when you leave it alone for... several months? Over a year? 🤷

Since I've just spent a few days getting everything building everywhere* again, here's it running on an iPhone (uh, 6s plus? so a little old...) (Several seconds of failing to end the recording removed.)

Over on macOS, we have some "interesting" water: DOC on macOS with broken water

... and if you prefer raspberries to apples: DOC on a Pi (Required a small detour to fix a performance issue in the driver...)

Android still works, but nothing interesting there as that gets more testing... (Though I do need to handle screens with holes or bits missing/rounded off, ugh. Can we go back to rectangles please?)

* Okay, I missed Windows... My Windows laptop is a little dead (well, it doesn't work as a laptop due to a mostly dead NON-REPLACABLE battery sigh)

Hmm, next update would be in ~two months, maybe I'll have some new features by then...

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